Battery charger TBC3i PRO 30/20/250

Innovative TBC3i battery chargers offer outstanding construction quality and have a particularly light, compact design that helps save valuable space inside the camper.

Wiring and connections have been minimised to make installation fast and simple. TBC3i battery chargers consist of a combination of latest-generation units; these include a mains battery charger, a charge converter from the alternator and a charge regulator with MPPT technology for solar panels, ensuring there is always an energy source in the camper.

Batteries are always charged automatically, both during the standby or when driving.

Depending on the model, the integrated charge converter always ensures a complete recharge during both short and, of course, long trips.

All of them have an integrated system to maintain battery charge even during long periods of storage and have eight different charge curves for lead-acid, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 batteries. Their LCD displays have been specially developed for these units and show all the key information. These battery chargers are compatible with all car park charging units Supplied: 230 V AC mains cable, 825 temperature sensor, Manual