DualClima 12500H / DualClima 8400H

Automatic Air Conditioners with Heat Pump

DUALCLIMA monoblock air conditioner specially designed to be installed on the roofs of medium-to-large campers and caravans. Special care has been taken to ensure low noise both inside and outside.


High-efficiency heat pump heating supplies more than double the heating power for the power supplied. The heat pump is effective for outside temperatures down to 4°C; below this temperature its efficiency is considerably reduced.


By activating the AUTO function, the air conditioner selects the most suitable ventilation speed and the cooling or heating function automatically.

REMOTE CONTROL with a programmable timer and ON/OFF Switch for the Diffuser Light

Anti-freeze protection PROBES

INTERNAL FILTERS can be changed and washed

Suitable for roofs 30 - 70 mm thick

DualClima 8400H

2300 Euro

DualClima 12500H

2600 Euro