Automatic air conditioners with heat pump

When the summer is torrid, the heat is suffocating and humidity prevents you from sleeping at night, there’s no need to worry, because Telair will look after you. You don’t have to miss out on holidays in the south of Europe just because heat and mugginess might make your stay unbearable. A Telair air conditioner will make your days pleasant and relaxing. A sense of well-being will accompany you throughout your holiday, the system constantly cooling and drying the air inside your motorhome or caravan. Telair’s flat and aerodynamic roof-mounted air conditioners are the perfect solution, taking up minimal space inside the vehicle. Modern, innovative design makes installation of the unit on the roof quick and easy, as uses the standard 40 x 40 cm roof-light opening, without affecting the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The new range of Dual Clima and Silent air conditioners, built with 4 different cooling levels, can be installed on any type of caravan or motorhome, from small (4 or 5 m) to large (8 or 10 m). Choosing the right model to install is simple. Just check the length of your vehicle and match it to the following table:

Air Diffuser

Dual Clima diffuser, modern design and super-flat (just 4.9 cm thick). Fitted with an efficient and silent system for distributing cold (or hot) air that can reach any part of the vehicle. The two main outlets are connected to an adjustable flow separator that allows air to be distributed in two directions (Front – Rear) or allows the flow to be adjusted gradually until it is all concentrated in just one direction. Each of the two outlets can also be oriented from left to right and from up to down in order to maximise comfort. Fitted with 2 honeycomb dust filters that can easily be extracted and washed under running water. An LED display showing room temperature and 2 LED lights indicating the status (cooling or heating) of the air conditioner will help you control it at all times. Infrared remote control with timer (ON-OFF) and large display. Ambient lighting with two LED bars that can be activated with the remote control. Silent Diffuser, small, compact with cold air outlet that can be aimed in two directions (forwards and rearwards) or focused in one direction. Easy to clean, with two dust filters that can be removed effortlessly and washed in running water whenever necessary. Fitted with an LED display, a room temperature indicator and an infrared remote control with timer.

Heat Pump

All Dual Clima, Silent and Clima E-Van air conditioners are also equipped with a heat pump heating system and so, in addition to being used to cool the vehicle, can be used, in the intermediate seasons, as a genuine low-cost heater. Heat pump heating has some major advantages:

t consumes very little with 900W of power providing up to 2.4 kW of heat

It is healthy because it removes humidity from the air

It is fast and switches from hot to cold automatically to maintain a constant preset temperature

It operates correctly down to about 4°C