A6.2” HD touch screen SAT-NAV for camper vans with DAB, FM / AM radio, DVD, USB GPS Sat-Nav with Truck Navigation function which knows and assesses all your motorhome parameters (mass, weight etc.) and accordingly suggests suitable routes, highlighting any tracts that are not practicable

Macrom navigation software based on iGO engine. 2D and 3D graphics with "digital elevations". Voice-guided navigation in 28 languages. Auto-zoom for junctions and roundabouts. Multiple routing calculation. Motorway slip roads displayed. Tunnel mode (if GPS signal is lost) Socket for resistive steering wheel controls Europe map (43 countries) M-NV17FET Map with service areas for RVs and campsites Upgrades and additional PDIs can be purchased on-line from www.naviextras.com AM/FM radio with RDS, TP and DAB (antenna included) DVD/CD/MP3 reader USB and SDHC memory reader for multimedia audio and video files Wireless speakerphone unit with Parrot technology for use with phone (with telephone contacts) and music player device. MFI Apple certification to ensure optimised use of iPhone and iPod Ready for connection to rear camera with automatic activation Size 2 ISO High-definition 6.2" screen (800x480) Touch Screen controls RGB multi-colour screen lighting RDS tuner with FM/AM and DAB bands 30 FM/AM and DAB stations can be saved Built-in GPS receiver Speakerphone with external microphone Supports: CD/DVD/USB Formats: MP3/WMA/MPEG/AVI/JPG/FLAC Dedicated slot for navigation micro SD 1 frontal USB micro input + 1 type A rear USB input Frontal SD card reader 4+1 pre-amplified outputs 1 rear video output 1 rear and 1 front audio/video input Input for reverse gear video camera Internal amplification 4x40 Watt Remote control