Telesat BT

Automatic Satellite Antenna HD with 16 saved Satellites. Equipped with DVB-S2 control unit with OLED display and 2 keys to start a satellite search or lower the dish. Can also be controlled via Bluetooth from your Smartphone via the TELECO App. The control unit also features a CI Bus port. All software updates - when made available on the TELECO App - can, in fact, be loaded directly by the user from a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Telesat BT is compatible with all TVs equipped with a DVB-S2 tuner and all Satellite receivers. Safety system with automatic closing of the antenna when the vehicle is started.

Telesat BT consists of: 1 External satellite antenna 1 DVB-S2 Control unit complete with leads 1 Control panel

Wall-mounted control panel with just two keys and display

DVB-S2 HD Control Unit Power supply 12/24 V DC (10-31 V DC) Max. Consumption: 3.2 A Dimensions: 160X115X25 mm Weight: 250 g

Compatible with CI-BUS systems

Pay-for options: SMART function When the user changes channel with the TV remote control the antenna automatically points itself at the satellite broadcasting the selected channel.

Available Models:

TeleSat BT 65

1700 Euro

TeleSat BT 85

1750 Euro